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FASTRABBIT is a well established and popular company offers wide range of turnkey IT solutions, services and products for  computing infrastructure, networking and security which address business requirements in a cost effective and high quality manner

FASTRABBIT services includes technical consultancy, installation, hardware, security, equipment repair & maintenance, network design and mixed platform integration, workflow design & implementation, professional training, high speed/capacity storage and server solutions.

FASTRABBIT team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals converges to produce and maintain always-on, real-time services/products that are constantly improved. We deliver world-class services that focus on satisfying business needs and requirements.

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We have an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. Our portfolio is rich with more than 400 clients we achieved by keeping the level of customer satisfaction above average

Outsourcing is not just a strategy of cost reduction. It is in fact, a strategic service and essential element of growth.

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