Computer Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure is the backbone of a company’s communications both internally and externally. It serves to connect various devices bringing together the hardware components and software applications together by allowing them to interact seamlessly between each other. These networks can range from small scale applications to larger scale applications which are found in organisations having large premises or multiple sites.

Companies are often cautious to invest in network upgrades because of the expense and labor this process involves. However, making an investment in modernising an organisation’s current infrastructure is vital since an outdated network can greatly hinder productivity. Ultimately, it can also result in an even costlier situation, not to mention inferior service to customers.

Infrastructure & Cabling

Fastrabbit professional team of experienced technicians can help you plan and design an advanced network cabling solution for your data center, server room or for your entire office. We provide a complete array of services including installation, infrastructure design and termination.

Connecting People

Your staff move between offices, between your premises and client premises, and between home and office. Your business networks need to reflect that. Fastrabbit can design and support communication networks to enable your staff to connect securely wherever they are.

Connecting locations

As your business continues to grow connecting multiple locations presents increasing challenges. Fastrabbit can design a computer networking solution to meet your business needs and overcome the challenges of distance whether it’s just between floors in a building or between offices on opposite sides of the country.

Network Management

Fastrabbit provides an end-to-end network management solution including:

  • Automated remote monitoring 24/7
  • Network performance, responsiveness and availability monitoring
  • Routers and managed switches monitoring

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